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HealthImaging.com RSNA 2005 e-coverage on EDDA

EDDA Technology (Booth #1505) is highlighting its flagship IQQA®-Chest v1.0 that debuted at RSNA 2004, as well as showing as a works in progress IQQA®-Liver system - both from the Intelligent/Interactive Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (IQQA®) series of products.

IQQA®-Chest is a software system designed for soft-copy reading of digital radiographic chest images that assists physicians in the identification, quantitative evaluation, diagnosis and reporting of pulmonary nodules. EDDA points out that the latest clinical study involving five hospitals in China on CT-confirmed nodules suggested improved performance in detecting lung nodules from screening populations using both DR and CR technology. (The results have been accepted for oral presentation at RSNA 2005.)

EDDA recently released IQQA®-Chest v1.1 featuring advanced DICOM connectivity (including DICOM storage, Query/Retrieval, Structured Report and Send) and a refined worklist design to further enhance workflow efficiency.

IQQA®-Liver, which is pending FDA approval (which could come prior to showtime), is geared toward enhancing workflow for the application of dynamic liver imaging that is challenged by data overflow from multislice CT. Namely with 32- and 64-detector CT, the number of slices in a dynamic CT series can easily reach a few thousand, with at least four phases acquired in a typical dynamic CT study with contrast. IQQA®-Liver is designed to assist the review of serial multi-phase CT acquisitions of the liver using dynamic imaging techniques. It offers advanced visualization and quantitative evaluation tools empowered by image registration and segmentation techniques and can be used in the diagnosis and staging of primary liver disease and liver metastases as well as in pre-operative assessment. Clinical testing of the system has been conducted in two hospitals in China.

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