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HealthImaging.com RSNA2004 e-coverage on EDDA

EDDA Technology was a new vendor on the RSNA floor debuting its IQQA®-Chest v1.0 soft-copy chest CAD product that seeks to help in physician's identification and quantification of small lung nodules and lesions in digital radiographic chest images. EDDA calls it Intelligent/Interactive Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.

IQQA®-Chest supports physicians in the visualization, identification, evaluation and reporting of pulmonary lesions and nodules. Geared toward optimizing workflow, the system features a three-task approach, with an Image Reading page, Region of Interest (ROI) Analysis page and Clinical Report page. The Image Reading page features a DICOM-compliant patient study selection, image visualization toolkits with multiple nodule-specific viewing modes and mechanisms for physicians to mark and select lesions. ROI Analysis page features include the display of patient and imaging related information from DICOM, lesion/nodule segmentation in automatic and manual mode, instantaneous automatic computation of quantitative measurements from segmentation results (length, width, average size, area, circularity, mean intensity, density) and means for physicians to input the diagnosis (likelihood of malignancy). And the Clinical Report page provides automatic generation of a clinical report that includes measurements upon physician-confirmed diagnosis, the physician with a way to input notes and digital signature and secures the report with a time stamp and a report ready for printing or storage in DICOM Structured Report format.

The IQQA®-Chest software "helps reduce inter-observer variation and to improve the detection rate of small nodules" according to a study presented in October at the 11th International Conference on Screening for Lung Cancer in Rome.

IQQA®-Chest is available for sale in the U.S. as well as the E.U. and China. EDDA is embarking on a sales strategy of direct and OEM generated sales. Two units have been installed in China.

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