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EDDA Technology Introduces the Newly FDA-Cleared IQQA® BodyImaging and
Cloud-Based OnDemand Services for Imaging-Guided Cancer Treatment

PRINCETON, NJ, November 21, 2014

EDDA Technology, a global leading provider in advanced real-time interactive quantitative imaging solutions, announced today that the company has received FDA clearance on IQQA®-BodyImaging. The new product will be introduced as the latest addition to the IQQA® Platform and Product Suite for imaging-guided cancer treatment at the 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, IL later this month. Also being introduced at the RSNA is the company’s cloud-based OnDemand service with its clinical collaborator Massachusetts General Hospital. 
The IQQA® Platform and Product Suite was developed with a specific aim to maximize the utilization of multimodality imaging and its benefit for multiple stakeholders along the cycle of patient care, which include radiologists, interventional radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists.  By supporting efficient collaboration for optimal workflow and treatment management with clinical depth and OnDemand accessibility, the IQQA® Platform enables a patient-specific, disease-targeted, and multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment.

The newly FDA cleared  IQQA®-BodyImaging extends the award-winning fast and powerful 3D features found in the IQQA® product portfolio to thoracic, abdominal and pelvic multimodality scans. Features such as virtual knife for surgery and virtual needle for interventional procedural planning, monitoring and follow-up, provide comprehensive tools for tumor board assessment.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of IQQA®-BodyImaging, which significantly broadens our product and service offering to cover close to 50% of the world’s cancer incidences,” said Dr. Jianzhong Qian, president and CEO of EDDA Technology, “Our team at EDDA is committed to innovation to support the latest treatment options, including minimally invasive and robotic-assisted approaches, where information from imaging is essential for optimal treatment planning, guidance and confirmation.”

The company will also be demonstrating IQQA®-Liver Multimodality, as part of the IQQA® Product Suite. IQQA®-Liver Multimodality is currently being used by physicians worldwide for real-time, interactive treatment planning and post-procedural assessment of liver diseases. IQQA®-Liver Multimodality has been proven to provide significant time-saving and improved patient care in more than 15,000 cases since 2009.   

Through its proprietary IQQA® web-enabling technology and clinical partnership, EDDA offers OnDemand services for practices to use IQQA applications anytime and anywhere. “Through a combination of technology and in-depth clinical expertise, the MGH 3D Imaging Service offers access to our team of dedicated 3D technologists to other hospitals and imaging centers with the goal of improving patient care by enhancing the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of 3D imaging solutions for clinical decision support,” said Dr. Gordon J. Harris, director of the 3D Imaging Service at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The IQQA® Product Suite also includes IQQA®-Guide (work-in-progress) for intraoperative 3D navigation, IQQA®-LiverFunction (work-in-progress) for localized hepatic functional analysis using 3D SPECT, and IQQA®-Chest CAD for small lung nodule detection. EDDA will exhibit its IQQA® Platform and Product Suite in Booth #4571 at RSNA 2014.

IQQA®-BodyImaging for thoracic, abdominal,and pelvic applications of
cancer treatment planning, monitoring and follow-up.


About EDDA Technology

EDDA Technology, Inc. is an innovative clinical solution provider in the rapidly growing field of imaging-guided cancer treatment. By adopting a “fully quantitative, real-time interactive” approach to multimodality imaging analysis and guidance,  EDDA offers a series of next generation computer-assisted solutions to the entire patient management cycle, including enabling early detection and diagnosis, and enhancing efficiency and precision in treatment planning, guidance, monitoring, and follow-up. EDDA's goal is to deliver, with broad accessibility, advanced imaging analytics technologies and services that improve clinical workflow and accuracy. EDDA is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and has subsidiaries in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. IQQA® is a registered trademark of EDDA Technology.

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