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EDDA Technology Demonstrates the IQQA® Platform of Real-time Interactive Fully 3D Quantitative Solutions for Disease-Centralized Patient Management

PRINCETON, NJ, November 21, 2012

EDDA Technology announced today that the company will demonstrate the generalization of its proven technologies of Real-time Interactive Fully 3D Quantitative Imaging in an enhanced IQQA Platform at the 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The enhanced IQQA Platform answers to the challenge of maximizing the potential of imaging in
coordinating an optimal workflow involving multiple stakeholders along the cycle of patient care,
including radiologists, interventional radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists. The decision support
provided by IQQA covers the full range of disease-centralized patient management in the
abdominal and thoracic areas, from detection, diagnosis, pre-treatment planning, to intraoperative
navigation, and post-treatment follow up.

A market-proven product of the platform, IQQA®-Liver for 3D real-time quantitative planning and
assessment, is currently used by radiologists and surgeons worldwide in liver surgery,
transplantation, and interventional centers. Substantial time saving and improved care was
demonstrated in over 4,000 cases using IQQA-Liver in hospitals since the first commercial
system installation in Q2 2009.

Real-time interactive applications with fully 3D capabilities are the prerequisite of strong clinical
decision support from imaging. The same proprietary technology behind IQQA®-Liver has now
been extended to other organs in thoracic and abdominal application areas; to offer physicians
real-time quantitative decision support that goes well beyond the 3D visualization domain. It
enables physicians to utilize the quantitative information of the organ, lesion, vessels, and ducts,
as well as the quantified spatial relations among these anatomies of interests, to make their own
individualized decision based upon own knowledge and experience in a user-friendly real-time
interactive way, thus improving efficiency, and patient care.

IQQA® Platform of Real-time Interactive Fully 3D Quantitative Applications

IQQA®-Guide (work-in-progress) further brings the Real-time Interactive Fully Quantitative
technology into the operating room by offering real-time 3D image guidance for abdominal and
thoracic biopsy, interventional procedure and surgery. IQQA-Guide utilizes a 3D map of
individualized anatomic representations extracted from multi-modality image datasets. Through
sophisticated registration algorithms and state-of-the-art electromagnetic tracking, it provides realtime
tracking and referencing to anatomic features of interest in 3D. As a result, physicians are
supported to “see in depth” beyond the anatomy surface during a procedure, and to quantitatively
locate, assess, and adjust the position of instruments relative to the full patient-specific 3D
anatomy of lesion, vessels, organs and segments.

EDDA Technology will also exhibit other IQQA® Family of Products in Booth #7556 at the RSNA
2012, including IQQA®-Liver Function and IQQA-BodyImaging (hosted by the IQQA®-Platform as
works-in-progress), IQQA®-Chest Enterprise CAD (Computer Aided Detection) for assisting
physician’s detection of small lung nodules from digital chest X-ray, and IQQA® –TomoS CAD
(work-in-progress) for Digital X-ray Tomosynthesis. The first prospective study on chest X-ray
CAD published in journal (Academic Radiology Vol. 15:5) demonstrated a significant sensitivity
increase of physician’s nodule detection from 63.8% without IQQA-Chest to 92.7% with IQQAChest
assistance (while specificity kept high at 96.2% from the previous 98.1%).

About EDDA Technology
EDDA Technology, Inc. is an innovative clinical computer solution provider in healthcare imaging
and analysis. EDDA offers a series of next generation computer assistance solutions to the entire
patient care management cycle, including enabling early detection and diagnosis of diseases, as
well as enhancing efficiency and precision in treatment planning, management, and follow-up.
EDDA's goal is to deliver, with broad accessibility, advanced information analysis technologies
that improve clinical workflow and accuracy. A privately held Delaware corporation, EDDA is
headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and has subsidiaries in Shanghai and Suzhou, China.
IQQA® is a registered trademark of EDDA Technology. www.eddatech.com

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