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EDDA Technology Launches IQQA®-Liver New Release for Fast Volumetry Assessment from Liver MDCT

PRINCETON, NJ, July 24th, 2008

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EDDA Technology today announced the launch of its new release of IQQA®-Liver V1.2, designed to assist physician's fast assessment of volumetry from liver MDCT. This new release will be featured at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) in Denver, CO.

The rapid advances of MDCT technology fuel its abdominal imaging applications. MDCT is playing an increasingly important role not only in characterization of liver and liver lesions, but also in preoperative assessment for live resection and transplantation. To fully realize the value of MDCT scans, quantitative assessment of anatomic volume is mandatory. However, delineation and measurement of various volumes via manual tracing on image slices poses tremendous stress on workload, and suffers from significant inconsistency due to inter- and intra-observer variations.

The new release of IQQA®-Liver focuses on real-time assistive tools and automated workflow for physician's fast assessment of volumetry of liver, liver lesions, vascular structures, liver segments and lobes from MDCT. Such automated workflow is based upon advanced image analysis algorithms and the real-time interactive design. The system performs automatic anatomic phase registration to allow simultaneous visualization and easy cross-referencing of lesion location and characteristics across the different phases.IQQA®-Liver further provides automated segmentation tools and additional multiple real-time tools for users to interactively separate and label specific liver segments and lobes in 3D.Quantitative measurements are extracted from segmented and labeled volumes instantly

"EDDA strives to provide a new generation of interactive decision/planning aid solutions to physicians for daily clinical practice", says Dr. Jian-Zhong Qian, President and CEO of EDDA Technology. "Our innovation is for the confidence of both physicians and patients when it comes to accurate and fast information assessment from medical imaging."

Liver disease is a common and serious problem in the US. There are 25 million Americans afflicted by liver diseases including cirrhosis, hepatitis and tumors.The liver is the second most commonly transplanted major organ after the kidney. In 2005, about 6,500 liver transplants were performed in the United States according to the American Liver Foundation.

IQQA®-Liver has been in clinical use in several luminary Chinese hospitals for liver cancer detection, diagnosis and preoperative evaluation purposes, including Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital in Shanghai, and Shanghai Ruijin Hospital.

IQQA®-Liver can be readily deployed onto existing hospital PACS workstations with EDDA's proprietary IQQA® Enterprise Engine technologies.

EDDA Technology will be exhibiting the IQQA® Family of Products in Booth #737 at the AHRA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, from July 27 to 30, 2008. Also featured is IQQA®-Chest Enterprise CAD designed to assist physician's interpretation of digital chest X-Ray. One recent prospective study published in Academic Radiology(Vol. 15:5, pp. 571-575) demonstrated a sensitivity increase of physician's nodule detection from 63.8% without IQQA®-Chest to 92.7% with IQQA®-Chest assistance at University of Iowa's Carver College of Medicine.

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